Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For the D man

    Some days like most of us do, I wake up and say where did all of this time go. How was it that my son was just born and now he is eight years old. Of late, I have grown a bit frustrated with myself for many reasons. Some of that frustration lies in the fact that when it comes to my son, it is basically him and I. So I do it all. I want to be a great example to him, I want to motivate him. I want him to know what an awesome kid he and how he always makes me laugh. I have so many great memories with him. He and I went to see Nickelback and Papa Roach last summer and he sat and was headbanging his head. As the years have gone by, I see that all of the time I have spent with him has paid off. He is so kind to others, always helpful. He comes to the grocrey store and will help carry my bags, if he would just clean that room!!  He also has my attention span, try doing his homework together!! When you have children and even all of the years after, it makes you look at your life so so differently. Its not about going out and partying, they are diapers to change and buy.. We have talks that I have and have not been ready for. We have had to talk about why people choose to be with people who are not nice to each other. We talk about word meanings which requires me at times doing it two or three words so he understands it. Todays word was rigid. 
                One of the best memories I have is when he went to Florida last year and I did not want him to not sit on the plane with nothing to do. So we packed his Darth Vader suitcase full of toys and a Ninetendo DS and I dropped him off. When he came back ten days later I asked him if he took his suitcase and he said, "Well I told Grandma that you said it had to go on the plane so it went on the plane."  Children dont get enough credit for knowing what they want and how they see things because what is is so beautiful is that they dont have the judgements, filters that we have. They just say whatever comes to mind. For some reason, I feel so proud and so happy when I go to pick him at daycare and they yell "Dawsons mom is here!!"  And that title is the best one for me!! Love you D!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 Things That would make volunteering easier

      Volunteering can be many many things. It can be a big event or it can be as simple as helping a neighbor out with something.  Recently , I have done some volunteering and more to come with my sister who is a fundraiser chair for the Helen O Krause Animal Foundation in Dillsburg, a no kill animal shelter.  One of the first things and I do believe it is important is to leave your ego at the door. We are all there to help and give our time. It isnt about what you do or who you are, or how your dress.We are all human and as I always say we can easily be in a less fortunate spot in a heartbeat especially in these times our lives can change rather quickly. Secondly, give people an incentive to come to the event.. If you are organizing it, has planners that you can use for your specific event. People could sign up very easily at Jooners and know the specific details of the event therefore increasing the chances of them being there.  You could give them the event info and anything else they may need to know. You could have everyone sign their name and address and send them a personalized thank you note..You could have a raffle for some prizes and the donation could go to organization. You could sell hot dogs, etc. Volunteers could get some token of a thank you and you could let them know the next event. 
             Thirdly, let the community you live in, your workplace know about the event. Make flyers, post signs anywhere that you are able. You could put the website of the organization. Also with technology there are so many places you can post your event. I did an avon fundraiser for my sister. Intially, I did not think we were going to make alot of money but I think by some word of mouth we did and I was so happy. If it is a fundraiser and they are able to do it online, by all the means do it. For some volunteers, they may not or be able physically to help so if the fundraiser is online they can order what you are selling and have it delivered to your house.. They are able to make a donation online.  I am a big proponet of realizing why you are volunteering but making it a good time nonetheless. If you are organizing the event in addition to Jooners, ask for help organzing if needed. Also, treat people kindly. I unfortunatley have seen some of the people in charge of some events even school act like it is about them and what they do and how important they are. Realize that they are giving the most precious thing ,their time. They could be doing a million things at that moment and they are there to help you. If you are kind to people, you most likely will have volunteers come back , want to help more and maybe make a new friend Lastly, I think it would be wonderful if schools and workplaces would excuse you for volunteering. I know that some workplaces do allow you to volunteer. What if you could bring your child along and have a day of it ??  I am hoping that some of these tips are helpful to you in volunteering.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ha! Some things never change!!

Well not to get too specific I called my sons dad today to talk to him about some things that I was not happy about and were very upsetting. As usual, a tiger never changes their stripes. I always try to believe the good in people , give them the benefit and with some I realize I cannot do that. I tried to talk to him and it turned into an attack on me, him telling me it was none of my business. I told him that I was my sons mother and what happens in his house and my house is a concern. Through the many years of custody, I have not taken him back for child support, I have been above it all. Today was a real eyeopener for me and the ultimate to call my son a liar. Anyone who is close to me knows my son is my life, I would give anything for him. It has been him and for almost 8 years. It is unfortunate that people have no insight into others or themselves. At one point, while talking about our son, I said he is a child he has no control over what is happening. It is all about him and it shouldnt. Unfortunately, my son sees it and I didnt need to say anything and that is what is sad. When you children are very little and you are in the midst of this , they at times dont know what is going on but now at this age he does and my heart breaks because we cant change people. I am so grateful for having my son the relationship that we have. He is the best.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Review of Avon Clinical Luminosity Brightening Serum

I am usually skeptical of products that promise you something, that it will do this or that or make this or that look better. Well finally, I was proved wrong, I have been using the Avon Anew Clinical Luminosity Brightening Serum and it works. I have noticed within the last few months that I have had some brown spots on my face m ost likely due to the fact that I am outside most days for long periods of time. I have noticed since only using it for one week that my brown spots are starting to get lighter. What I may do is post some before and after pics and I used it. It comes in this cool bottle and you use it every morning. I love this stuff!! It is definitely worth the investment.

Friday, April 16, 2010


If you leave a comment on my blog for the next week you will entered into to win a free gift from my Avon stockpile. Good luck!! Thanks again for stopping by!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My disorganized life!!

This actually will cause some of you to laugh!! I have terrible ADD at times, seriously. Every morning, my son and I go out the door and at least 3 times a week I forget something. Usually my phone, a calendar or something and I find it comforting and embarrassing that I can ask him if he remembers where it is and he does.  we are all so grateful to have our kids!!!